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Pointers and Arrays Objective: Students will be utilizing pointers pointing to an array in order to familiarize themselves with the concept of using pointers and arrays. This exercise will also get students used to using an IDE of their choice. Assignment: You have been tasked with building a simple list that will hold in 10 phone numbers based on user input. However, as with all phone number directories, the user must exactly enter in a phone number that contains numbers from 0-9 (no dashes nor parenthesis will be required). If the user enters a phone number that fails to be or exceeds 10 digits or the user inputs anything other than numbers, the program will output an error and redirect the user to input a valid phone number. The program will end once all 10 positions of the list is filled. After the list is filled, the list should be printed along with their position within the pointer that is pointing to the array Requirements: Students are required to use the pointer pointing to the array when assigning values in order to receive maximum credit User input can only be numbers that range from 0-9. This means that symbols and letters should not be allowed to be inputted when user input is prompted. .Your program cannot be hardcoded and must ask for user input exactly enough in order to fill the array. This must be done with the pointer The list of phone numbers must be outputted in order from when they were first added along with their position number within the array. This must be done with the pointer Hints: Loops are especially helpful in this situation si program should run until 10 successful user inputs are inputted. Pointers that point to arrays behave exactly like arrays except with a slightly different syntax. nce the As long as your output meets the minimum requirements, you are allowed to customize your outputs in order to cater it towards your program By default, an int in C++ can only hold in a value from 32,767 to 32,767. As you can see, phone numbers are much longer than that and can range from 0000000000 to 9999999999. In order to solve this issue, you must use strings instead and must include the header #include
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