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PreviousProblem List (1 point) For each situation, state the null and alternative hypotheses: (Type mu for the symbol e.g. mu > 1 for the mean is greater than 1, mu < 1 for the mean is less than 1, mu not-1 for the mean is not equal to 1. Please do not include units such as mm. or·S in your answer.) (a) The diameter of a spindle in a small motor is supposed to be 3 millimeters (mm) with a standard deviation of 0.17 mm. If the spindle is either too small or too large, the motor ill not work properly. The manufacturer measures the diameter in a sample of 14 spindles to determine whether the mean diameter has moved away from the required measurement. Suppose the sample has an average diameter of 2.87 mm. Но (b) Harry thinks that prices in Caldwell are lower than the rest of the country. He reads that the nationwide average price of a certain brand of laundry detergent is $24.35 with standard deviation $0.52. He takes a sample from 5 local Caldwell stores and finds the average price for this same brand of detergent is $22.40. Но Ha Note: You can earn partial credit on this problem. Preview My Answers Submit Answers You have attempted this problem 0 times You have unlimited attempts remaining
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