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  1. Pringles is a brand of potato chip that is part of the Kellogg’s business portfolio. Answer the following questions as it pertains to the marketing mix for Pringles.
  1. Which part of the marketing mix is the most fundamental part?
  2. Packaging is an important part of the Pringles product strategy. How is Pringles packaging distinctive and unique from its competitors?
  3. The pricing strategy for Pringles determines how much Kellogg’s charges for the product. The price must be a price that customers are willing to pay. Are Pringles available for purchase online? If so, what is the price? Is this higher or lower than the price in a retail store?
  4. The C-Suite at Kellogg’s would like for the Pringles SBU to use Market Development and Product Development strategies to grow Pringles' market share in 2019. Provide an example of something the Pringles SBU could do for EACH of the two strategies.
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