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PRINIER VERSON BACK Problem 1-1A (Essay) Presented below are five independent situations. physics professors at MIT have formed a business to improve the speed of information transfer over the Internet for stock exchange transactions,. Eacth has contribut an equal amount of cash and knowledge to the venture. Although their confront. approach looks promising, they are concerned about the legal iablities that their business might (b) (c) Alma Ortiz and Jaime Falco each owned separate shoe manufacturing businesses. They have Bob Colt, a college student looking for summer employment, opened a bait shop in a small shed at a local marina. they will need significant funds to expand their operations 0 year marengpoln aos ta Inde widegrees. They have been triends since chidhood. They have dedided to start a consuting business focused on e) Don Rolls has developed a low-cost GPS device that can be implanted into pets so that they can be easily located facility to make the devices when lost. He would like to build a small manufacturing across the country. Don has no savings or personal assets. He wants to maintain control over the business and then sell them to veterinarians in each case, exclain what form of organization the buiness s liey to take-sole proporl etorship, partnership, or corporation. Give reasons for your choice INK TO TEX Question Attempts o of 3 ased SAve Fow LA UNEY ANSER 5 6 8 9
ehet Gradebook ORION Downloadable eTextbook at CALCULATOR | FULL SCREEN , I PRINTER VERSION . BACK Today, a very high percentage of publicdy traded companies are audited by only four very large public accounting firms. These firms also do a high percentage of the consulting wo that is done for publidy traded companies. How does this fact complicate the dedision regarding whether CPAs should be allowed to invest in companies audited by their firm? LINK TO TEXT Suppose you were a CPA and you had invested in 1BM when IBM was not one of your firms clients. Two years later, after 1BMs stock price had fallen considerably, your firm won the IBM audit contract. You will be involved in working with the tBM a d. You kno that your firms nies rea dre that you sel your staret In nedat, r you do sedin med t. you will sustain a large loss. Do you think this is fair? What would you do? 11:32 PM V11209 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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