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Question: pro 137 twb steel wires support a moveable overhcad cam...

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PRO 1.3-7 Twb steel wires support a moveable overhcad cam era weighing W 125 N (see figure part a) used for close- up viewing of field action at sporting events. At some instant, wire I is at an angle a -22 to the horizontal and wire 2 is at an angle β-ar, wires l and 2 have diameters te corner s shown nan t. \ ressive stres an sho of 0.75 mm and 0.90 mm, respectively (a) Determine the tensile stresses σ, and a, in the two (b) If the stresses in wires 1 and 2 must be the same (c) Now, to stabilize the camera for windy outdoor conditions, a third wire is added (see figure part b). Assume the three wires meet at a common point (coordi- nates (0, 0, 0) above the camera at the instant shown in figure part b). Wire 1 is attached to a support at coordi- nates (25 m, 16 m, 23 m). Wire 2 is supported at (-23 m, 18 m, 27 m). Wire 3 is supported at (-3 m, -28 m, 25 m). and y, of te der to prod what is the required diameter of wire 1? bas for Assume that all three wires have a diameter of 0.8 mm.e Find the tensile stresses in wires 1 to 3. nm ircular pip ase cutou 1: Ti
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