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probability question.
A game is played by throwing a biased coin and then, randomly choose two numbered ball from one of the 2 boxes; Box A and Box B, without replacing. The number from both balls are then added. 7. The probability for the coin to get head is 2/3 and the probability to get tail is 1/3. If the player get head, he can choose from Box A. Otherwise, he will choose from Box B. In Box A, there are only 3 balls and each are numbered 1, 2 and 3. In Box B, there are 4 balls which 3 of them are labelled 1 and only one ball is labelled 4. a) By using the information, sketch a tree diagram to illustrate the game. [3 marks] b) Find the probability for the player to get i. The sum of 3 ii. The sum of 5 ii. The sum of 5 given that the first ball is 2. (2 marks] 12 marks] [2 marks] c) Which probability is greater? Getting 5 from box A or getting 5 from box B? 13 marks] d) Compare the probability from question (c) again if replacing is allowed. 3 marks]
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