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Question: problem 1 the double acting piston cylinder shown below...

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Problem #1 : The double acting piston cylinder shown below consists of two chambers separated by a frictionless piston. The piston is initially locked in place, dividing the device into two equal1 m3 sub- chambers. Side A contains water at 90 °C and a quality of x-0.3. Side B contains 1 kg of R-134a at 90 °C. The piston lock is then released allowing the piston to move freely until the pressure equalizes on both sides. The temperature of both water and R134a sides remain equal to the surroundings temperature at 90 °C during the process. Determine, a) the direction the piston moves when released (left or right), b) the final pressure of the system (kPa), c) the entropy generated in the process (kJ/K). Hint: list any constraints that apply to the final condition of the system -Piston lock Piston moves when lock removed Side A Side B H20 90 °C, x- 0.3 1 m3 R134a 90 °C, 1 kg 1 m3 Piston (initially fixed)

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