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problem 1
Home lools zi Recitation 22A- Turn in your work at the end of the period Recitation 22 Problem A cube of side 2.0 m sits on the xy plane with ond comer at the origin There is a non-unform electric Problem A cube of side coner at the o field given by E-((40 x 10)x + 350]NCi, where r is in meters. Calculate the net electric flux through the cube. (Hint Add the flux through each surface) 3.2x10 N.㎡/C field given by x is n meters the cube (Hi 3.2x10 Nm Problem 2 A hemispherical surface with radius R is a region of unform electnic field E has its axis aligned parallel to the direction of the field. Derive an expression for the Problem 2 A hemisphen
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