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Problem 1 (a) The height of an ocean wave is described by the function y(r,t)- 5sin(0.25t - 0.25r) (m). Determine the phase velocity and the wavelength, and then sketch y(r, t) at t 1 s over the range from r-0 tor 3A. (b) The phasor of the electric field of an electromagnetic wave traveling in a dissipative medium is: E-У(0.5-30.5)e_0hee-30.5. Determine the time-domain expression of E and sketch a corresponding plot at z = 0 and at = 2 m, as a function of at Problem 2 Let a =-3-1 and b (a) ab 2+2i. Calculate c) ab (d) a/b. (e) Repeat (c) and (d) with the answer given in phasor form For (a)-(d), give the answer in real and imaginary parts Problem 3 Let c be a complex nurnber. Show that the following statenents are always true. (a) (c* + c) is real (b) c/c has a magnitude equal to 1 (c) cc* is always real and positive unless c-0, in which case cc*-0

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