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Problem #1 The first off-shore wind farm in the US, is the Block Island Wind Farm in Rhode Island. The farm has five Haliade 150 turbines made by General Electric. The technical specifications are below. If it is operating at the cut-out speed, a) what is the theoretical maximum power that can be extracted by each turbine, b) what is the advance ratio of the turbine and, if the annual ouput of the farm is 125 GWh, c) what is the power coeffcient of the Haliade 150 under these conditions, and d) what is the farms capacity factor? The density of the air is 1.225 kg/m3 OPERATING DATA Wind Turbine: Class I-B IEC-61400-1/IEC-61400-3 Rated power 6.0 MW (net after transformer) Cut-in wind speed 3 m/s Cut out wind speed: (10 minutes averagel 25 m/s Blade length 73.5 m Rotor swept area 17,860 m2 Rotor speed range 4-11.5 rpm Tip speed 90.8 m/s

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