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Question: problem 1 using a series circuit design using vs ...

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Problem #1

Using a series circuit design...


Using Vs = 10V, Rsource = 10k-ohm, calculate the Power dissipated by Rload, the second resistor in this circuit ranging from Rload = 10 ohms to 100 M-ohms. Create a MATLAB script that will plot this as Pout vs. Rsource/Rload (ratio). Be prepared to answer questions regarding this calculation and graph.

Note – it may be useful to use semilogx to view your graph more easily since the resistor values are ranging from 10^1 to 10^8.

SUBMIT a .m file that can be run in MATLAB.

Problem #2 – Please make sure this is submitted separately from your homework

Due on paper at the start of class Wednesday.

Additionally, mathematically show what value of Rload will cause MAXIMUM power to be dissipated across Rload in the circuit above. Your findings SHOULD line up with what you see in your graph in problem #1.

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