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Question: problem 125 points the following statements illustrate how pili nut...

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Problem 1-25 points The following statements illustrate how pili nut oil is produced. First, the whole nut is cushed in a crusher break the tough exterior shell (husk) of the nut. The crushed product then passes through a separator, wherein the shells are blasted away, leaving the raw nuts intact. About 97% of the ecole portion is movern, the remaining fraction sticks with the shells and is difficult to manualy retrieve. The raw nuts are then ground to a paste, then fed to a cold-press extractor wherein pressure is applied to the ground paste to separate the oil and water from the pulp. About 85% of the liquid portion is retrieved by pressing. The ot and water mixture is then left to settle and the oil is eventually decanted and the water discarded, producing cold pressed virgin pili oil. Assume perfect separation of water and oil. Draw the complete block flow diagram of the process with properly labeled blocks, streams, and stream compositions. Assume a capacity of 10 kg oil per day. Determine the amount of raw whole pili nuts needed to meet the target amount of pili oil. Whole pili nut composition: 18.14% edible nut, balance is husk Edible portion composition: 8% water, 68.5% oil, 23.5% pulp (proteins, carbohydrates, ash, nter)

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