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Problem 16
times as ll committee still rates teacHIll , w as professional activities: Determine a revised prio. ities prio Wei ghThe vector w that reflects these revised termine also a new rating vector r. Wi weights have any effect on the overall rankin the candidates? Let A be an m x n matrix. Explain why the ma multiplications AA and AA are possible. is said to be skew symmetric i sTla mmetric, 16. A matrix A A -A. Show that if a matrix is skew symme then its diagonal entries must all be 0 17. In Application 3, suppose that we are se the database of seven linear algebra books for t search words elementary, matrix, algebra. Form a search vector x, and then compute a vector y that represents the results of the search. Explain the significance of the entries of the vector y he 18. Let A be a 2 x 2 matrix with all 0 and let a a2i/a1. Show that A can be factored into a product of the form What is the value of b? int
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