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Question: problem 2 50 points 50hr h1 60hr h4 35hr...

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Problem 2 - (50 Points) 50/hr H1 60/hr H4 35/hr 0.8 S3 2 20/hr H3 36/hr 0.75 S5 H2 45/hr μ,-18/hr 0.25 S6 Ho-12/hr Consider the queueing network shown above. Assume that the external arrivals are Poisson (inter-arrival times exponentially distributed), all service times are exponentially distributed, all routing is probabilistic, and all queues have infinite lengthQuestions: 1. [30 points] Compute by hand the effective arrival rate for server S5. Attach your computations, and make sure that they are legible 2. [20 points] Solve the queueing network and give the results in the table below. For this question you can use a spreadsheet, the mmc.py program, or do it by hand. Time (W) Station S1 S2 S3 Utilization (p) Number (L) S4 S5 S6 System

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