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Problem 2 (10 pts) Random numbers and data analytios are both essential concepts in programming, Both of these concepts can be applied to many different fields and problems a) Set the random seed to 27. Hint: Look up randon seed matlab online b) Generate a 4 x 4 matrix of randommmbers with a min of 0 and a max of 10. Call this matrix R. c) Find the min of the Matrix R, and round the mamber down to the nearest integer. Call this variable minimum. entire matriz, the funetion will have to be used twioe. Hint: Data analysis functions work on colusens in a matris. To find the minimam of the d) Create an array that contains all of the numbers greater than 5 in Matrix R. Call this array G. Hind Use the find) function find the indices of ealues greater than 5, then create an array using those indices. Please submit one m file for this assignment. The solutions to both problems should be in the same m file. MAT LAB
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