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Question: problem 2 15 pts two wooden planks in p162 each...

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Problem 2 (15 pts) Two wooden planks in P1.62, each 22 mm thick and 160 mm wide, are joined by the glued mortise joint shown. Knowing that the joint will fail when the average shearing stress in the glue reaches 820 kPa, determine the smallest allowable length d of the cuts if the joint is to withstand an axial load of magnitude P 7.6 kN. Solve this problem for a 3 finger mortise (not as 4 finger as shown) and revised as follows Plank thickness- 28 mm (not 22 mm) Plank width- 200 mm (not 160mm) Allowable stress 690 kPa (not 820 kPa) Axial load- 8.0 kN (not 7.6 kN) 60m Fig. Ph62 Problem 3 (10 pts) Two wooden members of 70 x 110 mm uniform rectangular cross section are joined by the simple glued scarf splice shown. Knowing that the maximum allowable shearing stress in the glued splice is 500 kPa, determine the largest axial load P that can be safely applied. Refer to figure P1.65 and solve this problem revised as follows: 110 mm P The scarf angle is 16 deg (not 20 deg) 60 mm x140 mm rectangle (not 70 mm x 110 mm) Allowable shear stress is 950 kPa (not 500 kPa) 70 mm 20° PMAX Fig. P1.65
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