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Problem #2: A heat-recovery steam generator (HRSG) is type of heat exchanger in which waste thermal energy is used to produce steam. The Dell Childrens Medical Center in Austin, TX uses an HRSG to produce wet steam from the hot exhaust gases of the Solar Turbine Mercury 50 gas turbine engine. The hot exhaust gases (model as air) enter the heat exchanger at 700 °F and at a mass flow rate of 38.7 lbm/s. Saturated liquid water enters the heat exchanger at 80 psia where it is converted to saturated vapor by receiving heat from the hot exhaust gases. The HRSG produces 3 tons of steam per hour. For this heat exchanger determine, a) the rate of heat transfer exchanged between the fluid streams (Btu/s), b) the temperature of the exhaust gases (air) leaving the heat exchanger (°F), c) the second law efficiency of the HRSG, d) the surface area of the HRSG if the overall heat transfer coefficient is 50 Btu/(hr ft2 °F) HRSG (heat exchanger) gas inlet Exhaust gas exit 38.7 lbm/s. 700 °F Qexch Steam output: (sat. vapor H20) Sat. liquid H20, 80 psia

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