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Problem 2: A landing aircraft rolling down the runway at u = 50 m/s has an idling turbofan that consumes air at a rate acma 100 kg/s and produces exhaust streams with velocities (relative to the aircraft) uec 100 m/s and ueH-150 m/s. For the analysis, consider that the bypass ratio of the turbofan is Bac 6 and that the pressure at the exit equals the ambient a) What is the forward trst of the turbofan during landing? Simplify the expression for b) What is the magnitude and direction (i.e., forward or reverse) of the thrust if the bypass exhaust is deflected 90 without affecting either the air mass flows or the magnitudes of the exhaust velocities? c) Compute the additional deflection a needed to get zero net thrust once the aircraft has come to a stop. For the new flow conditions, assume that the bypass ratio B6 and the velocity ratio u ue2/3 remain equal to those found while the aircraft is moving. a) b) c) Mec

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