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Problem #2: A micrometer (Fig. 3) is used to measure the inside diameter of a possible grade two bearing. Grade two bearings must have inside diameter between 25.030 and 25.200 mm. Ten measurements of the diameter are made and recorded in Table 2. The caliper manufacturer specifies the caliper accuracy to be 0.10% + 0.4 mil at a confidence level of 95%. For this set of data, determine: a) the bias uncertainty, b) the maximum diameter at a confidence level of 95% and state whether the bearing is grade two, not grade two, or unknown, c) if the bearing grade is unknown and assuming more measurements could be taken without changing the sample mean or sample standard deviation, determine the number of measurements required to make a determination of bearing grade at the 95% confidence level. 45 5-30mm IE Figure 3. Dial micrometer. note: I mil-0.001 inches; I inch-25.4 mm Measurement No Diameter (mils 985.5 982.5 980.5 981.5 980.5 Measurement No. 6 7 Diameter (mils 983.0 988.5 981.0 982.0 984.0 2 4 10 Table 2: Measurements of bearing diameter with micrometer (note: 1 mil-0.001 inches).

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