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Question: problem 2 a project has been defined to contain the...

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Problem 2

A Project has been defined to contain the following list of activities along with their required times for completion

Activity Immediate activity Time (weeks) Predecessors
1 Collect requirements 3
2 Analyze processes 2 1
3 Analyze data 2 2
4 design processes 6 2
5 design data 3 3
6 design screens 2 3,4
7 design reports 4 4,5
8 program 5 6,7
9 test and document 7 7
10 install 2 8,9

d) What would happen if activity 6 were revised to take six weeks instead of two weeks?

Problem 3

Using MS Project or Project Libre software, you will complete

  • A Gantt Chart for the project described in the table for problem 2
  • A Gantt Chart and a network diagram that includes the modification indicated on step “d.” of problem 3

Capture the images of the requested charts and diagrams and paste in the Word document you will use to turn-in your assignment

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