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Problem 2: (Multiselect) 4 pts: A perfect answer for this question is worth 4 points. You w be penalized 2 points for each incorrect choice that you circle and each correct choice that you do not circle, but you cannot score below a 0 for this problem. Thus, the possible scores on this problem are 0, 2, or 4. Problem : Circle all of the following statements that must be true. Make sure you read each statement carefully. 1. If the region bounded by y =-, y =0, z = 1, and z = 2 is revolved about x = 3, the Washer Method could be used to set up the volume of the resulting solid as an integral or sum of integrals with respect to . 11. The region bounded by y-VE, z-0, z = 4 and y-9 is revolved about the line y =-2. If the shell method is used to find the volume of the resulting solid, more than one integral is needed. III The base of a solid is the region in the ry-plane bounded by y 2 and y 4. If cross-sections taken parallel to the r-axis are semicircles, an integral with respect to a should be used to compute the volume of the solid.
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