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Question: problem 2 you are out with friends at saturday night...

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Problem 2: You are out with friends at Saturday night, but unfortunately, your car breaks down unexpectedly. Even more unfortunately, as you are right at a steep incline. You jam in the hand break and wait to be towed a) The commercial towing truck is hooking you up to tow you with a towing bar (preventing you from ramming into the towing truck as you are not sure about your regular brakes any more either when releasing the hand break (compared to only using a rope which provides no damping). You are realizing that this can be approximated as a spring-mass-damper system with the towing truck g the external time-dependent force, the towing bar being the spring and damper system, and your car being the mass. Of course, remember that we also have gravity. Derive the equation of motion for this system for the situation when the towing starts at the inclined road

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