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Problem 2.2* In a four-stroke internal combustion engine, the pressure-volume relationship is rather complicated due to the combustion, the air flows and the fuel injects into the chamber, and exhausts leave the chamber. Ideally, air standard analysis can be carried out in a piston-cylinder to mimic the operation of the internal combustion engine. And as shown in the p - v diagram (v is the specific volume), the air inside the chamber goes through five processes and completes a thermodynamic cycle During the cycle, the heat is added into the air in process 2-3, and process 5-1 only. There is no heat transfer during process 1-2 and process 4-5. So Qin023 + 034, and QoutQ51. Let analyze this thermodynamic cycle process 3-4. H eat is rejected in Process 3-4: constant pressure with heat addition into the system. (a) Define your system and please draw a boundary to separate your system and the surroundings (b) For process 3-4 only, write down the energy conservation equation for the system. (c) If Q34 (heat transfer into the system during process 3-4),P3 (pressure at state 3), ⅓ (volume at state 3) and V4 (volume at state 4) are given, please rewrite energy conservation equation for part (b) and find total internal energy change for this process AU34. p (Pa) Q34 Q23 ir Q15 v (m3/kg) (a) A piston-cylinder with the air (b)Ap- diagram for the air

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