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Problem 2.3*: Air is contained in a vertical (facing upward) piston-cylinder assembly by a piston of mass 111.45 kg and having a face area of 0.01 m2. The Air initially occupies a volume of 0.01 m2 and has an internal energy of 1.32 kJ. The atmosphere exerts a pressure of 100 kPa on the top of the piston. Heat transfer in the amount of 0.69 kJ occurs slowly from the Air to the surroundings and the volume of the Air decreases to 0.0025m3. And in this heat rejection process, thoe pressure-volume relation is pV-constant. Friction between the piston and the cylinder wall can be neglected. The local acceleration of gravity is 10 m/s. Changes in kinetic and potential energy are ignored. For the Air determine (a) The final pressure at the volume of 0.0025 m3, in kPa, assume that the piston is in equilibrium at volume of 0.0025 m3 (b) The expansion work in this heat rejection process. (c) The final internal energy, in kJ.

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