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Problem 2-4A Recording transactions; posting to l Business transactions completed by Hannah Venedict during the month of September are as follows. a. Venedict invested $60,00o cash along with office equipment valued at $25,000 in exchange for common stock of a new c edger; preparing a trial balance LO C3, A1, P1, P2 named HV Consulting. b. The company purchased land valued at $40,000 and a building valued at $160.000. The purchase is paid with $30,000 cash and a long-term note payable for $170,000. c. The company purchased $2,000 of office supplies on credit d. Venedict invested her personal automobile in the company in exchange for more common stock. The $16,500 and is to be used exclusively in the business. e. The company purchased $5,600 of additional office equipment on credit. f. The company paid $1,800 cash salary to an assistant g. The company provided services to a client and collected $8,000 cash. h. The company paid $635 cash for this months utilities i. The company paid $2,000 cash to settle the account payable created in transaction c j. The company purchased $20,300 of new office equipment by paying $20,300 cash. k. The company completed $6,250 of services for a client, who must pay within 30 days. I. The company paid $1,800 cash salary to an assistant. m. The company received $4,000 cash in partial payment on the receivable created in transaction k. n. The company paid $2,800 cash in dividends. Required: 1. Prepare general journal entries to record these transactions using the following titles: Cash (101): Accounts Receivable (106), Office Supplies (108); Office Equipment (163), Automobiles (164); Building (170); Land (172): Accounts Payable (201), Notes Payable (250), Common Stock (307), Dividends (319): Fees Earned (402) Salaries Expense (601; and Utilities Expense (602) 2. Post the iournal entries from part 1 to the ledaer accounts. < Prev 4of 4 Next > at search
Post the journal e s from part 1 to the I 101: 163 108: Credit Next > < Prev 4 of 4
ilding 172: it 319: D Tra < Prev 4of 4İİİ Next
601: Salaries Expense Debit 602: Utilities Expense Debit Credit Balance Transaction Credit Balance ction Required 3 >
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