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Problem 2a: You are to determine the Reynolds Number for air flowing around a sphere based on measurements of the air velodty and diameter of the sphere. The air velocity is determined using a pitot-static tube and the diameter is measured using a caliper. Eventually, you plan to use this Reynolds number to calculate the heat transfer coefficient of the sphere: Re The following information has been obtained from your measurements and the .V-10 m/s average of 20 measurements with a standard deviation of 0.5 m/s and residual calibration uncertainty of +0.15 m/s
D 100 cm average based on 10 measurements with a standard deviation of 1 cm. The manufacture of the caliper reports the following uncertainties for the device. Accuracy 0.5% of reading + 0.25 cm. V 15.9. 10-6 m2/s 2% of value What are the measurement uncertainties associated with velocity and diameter? Problem 2b: From the information in Problem 2a, determine the Reynolds Number and the uncertainty in that number with 95% confidence. Use the analytical (Le, take the derivatives) method. Problem 3: Repeat the calculation of the Reynolds Number uncertainty in Problem 2b using Sequential Perturbation
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