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Problem 2-C A 50-cm x 30-cm x 20-cm block weighing 150 N is to be moved at a constant velocity of 0.80 m/s on a inclined surface with a friction coefficient of 0.25. (a) Determine the force F that needs to be applied in the horizontal direction. (b) If a 0.24-mm-thick oil film with a dynamic viscosity of 0.015 Pa s is applied between the block and the inclined surface, determine the percent reduction in the required force V 0.80 m/s 50 cm 30 cm 20° 150 N Problem 2-D A viscometer constructed of two 80-cm-long concentrie cylinders is used to measure the viscosity of a fluid. The outer diameter of the inner cylinder is 12 cm, and the gap between the two cylinders is 0.3 cm. The inner cylinder is rotated at 200 rpm, and the torque is measured to be 2.1 N m. The viscosity of the fluid is (a) 0.014 N-s/m2 (b) 0.14N-/m2 (0.062 Ns/m2 (d) 0.28 Ns/m2 (e) 0.56 N s/m2

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