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Question: problem 3 30 points a vertical pistoncylinder assembly as shown...

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Problem 3 (30 points) A vertical piston-cylinder assembly, as shown in the diag a given gas. The piston has a mass of 100 kg and the surface area of the piston is 0.025 m2. The gas is heated slowly from an initial volume of Vi 0.01 m3 to a final volume of V2 0.03 m3. The spring force varies linearly from zero when the volume is 0.01 m3 1000 N when the volume is 0.03 m3. The local acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 and the atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa. The internal energies at states 1 and 2 are U100 kJ and U2 250 kJ, respectively a) On a free body diagram show the forces acting on the bottom ram, contains surface of the piston at an arbitrary position z measured from the bottom of the cylinder Derive an expression for the absolute pressure of gas a function of V in the range of Vi sVs V2. Evaluate the pressure of the gas, in bar, at initial and final states. Evaluate the work done by the gas during this process. Determine the heat transfer during the process in kJ Use a computer software (IT, EXCEL, etc.), to generate data for the absolute pressure of gas from Vi-0.01 m3 to V20.03 m3, at interval of 0.002 m. Provide a computer generated p-V diagram for the process. b) c) d) e) f)
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