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Problem #3: A piston (A) and rod (B) are fitted inside a cylinder of length o.51 m and cross-sectional area of 6.45x103 m2. Although the piston is negligibly thin, it weighs 1o kg, and the piston rod is 1.3x10-3 ma in area and weighs 5 kg. On top of the rod, but outside the cylinder is a 20 kg weight (C). Initially, the gas in D is at 1 bar while the piston is positioned in the center of the cylinder. The gas in D and E is helium and under these conditions may be considered ideal with Cv 12.6 J/mol K. The initial temperature everywhere is 310 K. If the piston rod and cylinder are not thermally conductive and do not adsorb any significant energy, what would be the final state of the system (gases) if the weight is knocked off? Consider 2 cases: (a) the piston (A) is non- A conducting (adiabatic) and (b) the piston is a perfect conductor 0.5 m (diathermal). How would friction in the cylinder affect your answer?
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