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Problem 3 (a) Show that Eq. (2.4) is indeed a solution to Eq. (2.3), provided Eot (b) Calculate the radius of the first Bohr orbit. Answer: 0.0528 nm (c) Consider two hydrogen atoms. The electron in the first is in the 2.1. is given by Eq. (2.5) and co is given by Eq. (2.6) n-1 state, whereas in the second the electron is in the n=3 state. (i) Which atom is in the ground state configuration? Why? (ii) which orbit has the larger radius? (iii) which electron is moving faster? () Which electron has the lower potential energy? (v) Which atom has the higher ionization energy?(2.3) Etot r or where Epot was replaced by the value given in Eq. (2.2). The solution of this equation yields the functional dependence of џ, on r, and it can be easily shown that (see Prob. 2.1) (2.4) ψ-exp(-Cor) satisfies Eq. (2.3), provided the energy of the electron is given by mee (2.5)(2.6) Eon

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