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Problem 3 A steady force on the piston (Fig) causes a flow rate Q 0.15 cm3/s through the needle from the right to the left of the figure. The fluid has p 900 kg/m, 0.002 kg/(mes) and the piston/needle system has the dimensions shown in the figure D2- 1 cm D 0.25 mm 1.5 cm3 cm 3.1 What equation relates pressure drop across the needle and flow rate? What assumptions did you make? If you make the same assumptions, what is the pressure drop from the fluid at the piston to fluid at the needle entrance as a function of the flow rate? How does this compare to the pressure drop across the needle? In what follows we assume the pressure at the entrance to the needle is the same as that at piston/fluid interface (namely, ignore the pressure drop beween the piston and needle entrance). 3.3 If the pressure at the exit is atmospheric, what F is required to maintain the flow? 3.4 Do you expect surface roughness to impact your answer? Why or why not?
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