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Problem 3: Modify the sat-up of the systom fom Proble 2 Chnge the load direction to the positive X- directicn and chang« the load value to 750 Ib, as shown beloa at laft. Modal this ih two oqual-langth bar iit alomants, as shown belw at righ. Atar bomdary conditicns aro applied, thamodal aillraduce to a 2x2 global mass and stiffness aix. Again o, you are ot solving within ANSTS/Workbonch. Work this out by hand 0 in Nade 2 a) Atsr applying tho boandary condition (d, -d-0), the systm fimito slawt odal cn bo ritton in he standard form: where: idi-d 750 Ib Write the 2x2 mas matrix, Maad tha 2x2 stifes atrix. [K] b) Ue the global stiffnes ix [K]. aadtha load ector, to datemine the diplcnt at tha loaded and d n a static malysis. Noto tha th ANSYS Woribeacimodal yom usad to calculate displacements for this systam in Homemoi l was basad on a difksraat type of finita lament than you r» u,ing ^«re, so the displacomant rosult may not agros xactly. Bt, the displacamat rot here hold be close to the t calculated in Hoork 1, Problam. 2, Part) c) Calculate the arial direction normal stress, σ. in each element. The stress thould be cloe to the result calculatad in Homework 1, Problaa 2 in boh Parts (b) and (c).

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