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Question: problem 350 interpreting the schedule of cost of goods manufactured...

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Problem 3-50 Interpreting the Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured (LO 3-2, 3-6) [The following information applies to the questions displayed below.j The following data refer to Superior Metals Corporation for the year 20x4 Part 1 of3 Raw-material inventory Purchases of raw material in Raw-material inventory $ 89,000 12/31/x3 20x4 12/31/x4 0.83 points 732,000 59,000 475,000 268,000 151,000 91,000 126,000 24,000 46,000 60,000 Direct-labor cost incurred Seing and administrative eBook expenses Indirect labor cost incurred Property taxes on factory Depreciation on factory Referenc es building Income tax expense Indirect material used Depreciation on factory equipment Insurance on factory and 40,000 71,000 0 equipment Utilities for factory 12/31/x3 12/31/x4 12/31/x3 Work-in-process inventory, Work-in-process inventory Finished-goods inventory Finished-goods inventory 40,000 35,000

Finished-goods inventory, Applied manufacturing Sales revenue 40,000 577,500 2,107,000 12/31/x4 overhead eBook References Problem 3-50 Part 1 Required 1. How much of the manufacturing costs incurred during 20x4 remained associated with work-in-process inventory on December 31, 20x4? anufacturing costs

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