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Problem 3-8A Part5 5. Record adjusting entries. (if no entry is required for a particular transaction/event, select No journal entry required in the first account field.) View transaction list Journal entry worksheet Record the adjustment for salaries Note: Enter debits before credits. General Journal DebitCredit Record entry Clear entry View general journal
The following information applies to the questions displayed below The general ledger of Red Saprm Cerers at January 1, 2018, indudes the folowing account balances: Debits Credits $12,500 6,500 2,500 Accounts Recelveble 0500 s 6co0 Saleries Payable Common Stock Retained Earnings 8,500 17500 7000 Totals $39000 $39000 The folowing IS ฮ summary of the transactions for the year a. March 12 Provide services to customers, $45,000, of which $19,500 is on account b. May 2 Colect on accounts receivable, $16,500 June 30 lssue shares of common stock in exchange for $5,000 cash. d. August 1 Pay salaries, $24,500 (of which $8,500 is for salaries payable In 2017) e. September 25 Pay repsirs and maintenance expenses, S1t500 t October 19 Purchase equipment for $6,500 cash. g. December 30 Pay $1,000 cash dvidends to stockholders h Accrued salaries at yearend amounted to st Deprecie n he year on the e uoment b as once sup es re e n en he d at the end of the yer tata e
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