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to 4-10 TABLE P4-2 Data lor s5 10 25 es Link 3 FIGURE P4-2 4-3 Rpeat problem 4-2 comsädering points A and B to represent separati paride 410 Repca P 4-11 The link heir selative position Figure P4 412 Repoz? 4-13 Find the 4-14 Find the sie a44 Rpat Phobilem +-2 with the particles path defined as besing along the li asing Madkeaf mgams. ba4S your solution ked with pro- Repea Problem 4-3 with the path of the particle defined as being along the a1 y-2r-2+ 10 4-6 The link leagths and the value of 8: for some fourbar linkages are delinodeTe p 215). The linkage configuration and terminology are shown in Figne For the rows assigned, drw the linkage to scale and graphically fiad all poukes lipaes ar POF ls and bodh open and crossed) for angles 6, and Determine the Grated -15 Find T and Working ll are on th lerunes arn 7 Rgpeas Phoèlem 4-6escqpt solve by the vector loop mcthad in Table 416 Tri- livebar 48 Expand equation 4.7b and prove that it roduces to equation 4.7cip e pure sum 49 The lin lengsts and the value of t, and offist for some fourtar craik-diar fpure sam49 The link lengts and the value of 02 and offset for some cess and nan are defined in Table P4-2. The linkage contiguration and 4-17 Reps Figure P4-2. For the rows assigned, draw the linkage to scale an ponsible solutions (both open and crossed) for angle 6, and slider p
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