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Question: problem 5 measurement of pressure for the tank shown in...

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Problem 5- Measurement of Pressure For the tank shown in the figure below derive an expression to compute the Length, L, of the column of fluid as a function of density of the fluid in the manometer, p, and the atmospheric pressure, Patm. Determine the value of L when the manometer liquid is water and the tank contains a gas at a pressure o 1.5 bar. A barometer indicates the local atmospheric pressure is 750 mmHg. You also know that the density of water is 997 kg/m3 and the density of mercury is 13.59 g/cm3. Let 8 9.81 m/s2 a. b. Gas at Patm pressure Tank Manometer liquid Problem 6-Gage pressure measurement A pressure gage mounted at the inlet to an air compressor indicates that the gage pressure is 60.0 kPa. The absolute pressure of the at the exit of the compressor is 5.5 times the absolute pressure at the inlet. The atmospheric pressure is 1.01 bar. What is the absolute pressure of the gas at the inlet and what is the gage pressure of the gas at the exit?

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