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Problem 5. (Total: 40 Points The figure is a schematic drawing of a shaft simply supported by bearings at points B and C and is driven by a gear force F in x-z plane at an angle ф from the z direction. Assume that the bearing at B is a thrust bearing and hence it can take axial loading. All dimensions in the figure are in mm. The shaft transmits a torque to point A of TA-300 N-m (a) Find the magnitude of the force F. (5 Marks) (b) Draw the free body diagram of the shaft and then find all the reactions. (5 Marks) (c) Draw the bending moment diagram of the shaft for My. (5 Marks) (d) Is there any bending moment Mz acting on the shaft? If there is, how much is it? (3 Marks) (e) Draw the shear force diagram for the shaft. (3 Marks) (f) Find all the stresses acting at a point at location C of the shaft. (5 Marks) (g) Draw the Mohr circle for this point. (5 Marks) (h) Find the principal stresses (σι and σ), extreme shear stresses (T1 and τ2) and their angles (de and lps), and sketch the stress elements on which these stresses are acting. 7 Marks) (i) How much is the maximum shear stress (Tmax) at this point? (2 Marks) TA Shaft Diameter d40 250 ф-200 Gear Diameter D- 150 100 All dimensions are in mm
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