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Problem 6 (ISE 3293 students only) In his essay Making Things Right, W. Edwards Deming considered the role of statistics in the quality control process for a manufacturer of steel rods. Rods produced with diameters smaller than 1 centimeter fit too loosely in their bearings and ultimately must be rejected (thrown out). To determine whether the diameter setting of the machine that produces the rods is correct, 500 rods are selected from the days production and their diameters are recorded. The distribution of the 500 diameters for one days production is shown in the figure below. Note that the symbol LSL in the figure represents the 1-centimeter lower specification limit of the steel rod diameters. a. b. c. What type of data, quantitative or qualitative, does the figure portray? What type of graphical method is being used to describe the data? Use the figure to estimate the proportion of rods with diameters between 1.0025 and 1.0045 centimeters d. There has been speculation that some of the inspectors are unaware of the trouble that tan undersized rod dimeter would cause later in the manufacturing process. Consequently, these inspectors may be passing rods with diameters that were barely below the lower specification limit and recording them in the interval centered at 1.000 centimeter. According to the figure, is there any evidence to support this claim? Explain.

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