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Problem 7 A small conducting sphere is attached to a spring, as shown in figure (17.59). The charge on the sphere, 5.0HC and the mass of the conducting sphere, m-300g The spring constant, k 150N/m. When the charge is at its equilibrium position it it 30cm above the floor. The sphere is pulled down 5cm from its equilibrium position and released. After the charge is released it will oscillate. Determine the electric field at point P, which is located directly below the charge on the floor, as a function of time. lem 8 A positive Cse The point P that is ed a distance from the center the sphere. (i) Determine the electric ihen th (ii) Determine the el (iii) Plot the mag ude of the electric field as a funch of is uniformly istributed through an insulang sphere of radius R. side the sphere (r < R). s outside the sphere (r R). CHAPTER 17. ELECTRICITY 58 30cm Figure 17.59: Problem 7

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