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Problem 7.33 ws through a simple nozle as shown in the figure. A nozzle is a rigid figure. If operating holl ow tube whose sides are contoured as shown in the of the fluid t impermeable, except for the inlet and outlet areas. Typically, heat y,the velocity of the fluid leaving the device is greater than the velocity entering the device. The walls of the nozzle are rigid and transfer from the nozzle is negligible. and a velocity of 48 of 100 kPa and th potential energy are negligible. Assum with room-temperature specific heats. ir enters the steady-state nozzle at State 1 at 200 kPa and 300 K m/s, and leaves the nozzle at State 2 with a pressure e temperature of 246 K. Changes in gravitational e that air acts like an ideal gas (a) Determine the velocity of the air leaving the nozzle, in m/s. Use the system shown in the figure. (b) Determine the ratio of the exit area to the inlet area, AJAi. (c) How would your analysis change if the → system was enlarged so that it included the sidewall of the nozzle? An explanation is all that is required. No numbers are required.
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