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Problem 8.039 SI Water is the working fluid in an ideal regenerative Rankine cycle with one closed feedwater heater. Superheated vapor enters the turbine at 16 MPa, 560°C, and the condenser pressure is 8 kPa. The cycle has a closed feedwater heater using extracted steam at 1 MPa. Condensate drains from the feedwater heater as saturated liquid at 1 MPa and is trapped into the condenser. The feedwater leaves the heater at 16 MPa and a temperature equal to the saturation temperature at 1 MPa. The mass flow rate of steam entering the first-stage turbine is 120 kg/s. Determine: (a) the net power developed, in kw. (b) the rate of heat transfer to the steam passing through the boiler, in kw. (c) the percent thermal efficiency. (d) the mass flow rate of condenser cooling water, in kg/s, if the cooling water undergoes a temperature increase of 18°C with negligible pressure change in passing through the condenser.

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