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Problem III. This is a chance for you to review Mendelian genetics, Punnett squares, and polygenic traits (continuous traits controlled by more than one gene), using the Nilsson-Ehle experiment. Wheat kernel color is controlled by genes A and B. The 1 allele (A or at each gene makes a pigment. The 2 allele at each gene (A or B) is a mutant that has lost its function, making no pigment. Each gene shows incomplete dominance (additivity), and the pigments made by the two genes are also additive, giving the following phenotypes: Four 1 alleles (A orB) Three 1 alleles (and one 2 allele) dark red Two 1 alleles (and two 2 alleles) One 1 allele (and three 2 alleles) pink Zero 1 alleles (all four are 2 alleles) white purple red You cross an AABB plant with an AABB pla What color are the plants you cross? What are the expected phenotype fractions in the offspring? (Hint: Think about what kinds of gametes each parent can make and then use a Punnett square.)
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