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Thirty years ago, Oscar Enterprises erected a building in what was then an unsettled area. Oscar Enterprises conducted experimental work in connection with cattle virus disease. The area surrounding the Oscar Enterprises property has now become a thriving cattle and dairy district.

Cattle ranchers in the area tried to induce Mr Zoe Domkop, a cattle auctioneer, to establish a local market. Zoe was reluctant to do so because of his fear that the virus might escape from Oscar Enterprises’ property and infect cattle.

Some of the ranchers called on Oscar, the president of Oscar Enterprises, and told him of their desire to establish a local market in the area and asked him to make a statement that would dispel Zoe’s fears. Oscar called a conference and, without having made any investigations, and without naming Zoe, stated that there was “no danger at all” of any virus escaping from his facility and that only an “idiot” could conclude otherwise. This statement was printed in the News, a local newspaper, and received wide attention. As a result, Zoe was frequently referred to in the community as an “idiot.” This cause him considerable embarrassment.

Persuaded that Oscar’s statement concerning the safety of Oscar Enterprises operations was correct and wanting to escape further embarrassment, Zoe established a market in the area for the auction of cattle. Shortly thereafter, without any negligence on the part of Oscar Enterprises, the virus escaped from the premises and infected the cattle in the area.

To stop the spread of the infection, public authorities ordered the slaughter of all infected or exposed cattle and Zoe had to abandon his market with great financial loss.

Discuss Zoe’s rights against Oscar Enterprises and News.

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