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Problem Statement 1

An online music platform, S record, is planning to implement a database to enhance its data management practice and ultimately advance its business operations. The initial planning analysis phases have revealed the following system requirements:

Each album has a unique Album ID as well as the following attributes: Album Title, Album Price, and Release Date. An album contains at least one song or more songs. Songs are identified by Song ID. Each song can be contained in more than one album or not contained in any of them at all and has a Song Title and Play Time. Each song belongs to at least one genre or multiple genres. Songs are written by at least an artist or multiple artists. Each artist has a unique Artist ID, and an artist writes at least one song or multiple songs, to be recorded in the database. Data held by each artist includes Artist Name and Debut Date.

Each customer must sign up as a member to make a purchase on the platform. The customer membership information includes Customer ID, Customer Name, Address (consisting of City, State, Postal Code), Phone Number, Birthday, Registration Date. Customers place orders to purchase at least one album or more albums. They can purchase multiple quantities of the same album, which should be recorded as Quantities Ordered. Each order is identified by an Order IDand has Order Date, Total Price, Payment Method, and Delivery Option.

Q1. Draw an ER diagram for Statement 1 (You can add notes to your diagram to explain additional assumptions, if necessary).

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