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Problem Statement A car dealership wants to install a computer system to manage its operations. The system will be used by sales-reps to enter customer information, and any purchase orders made by a customer. The service department requires a database of parts available in stock. Required parts can be ordered from the parts suppliers. A service-rep can lookup parts, order parts if not available and document works done on a particular work order. The finance department can track parts-orders customer-orders and work orders and payroll to determine profitability and provide a financial statement of the dealership business operation

Task 5 - UML Activity Diagram Create a high level UML activity diagram that describes the business model of the car dealership operation, involving sales, services, and accounting. There is no need to specify objects flow (transfer of objects between actions). The specification of the control is enough. Since t level of detail to a minimum. Note that you do not need to use a computer tool for this exercise, hand drawn diagrams will suffice. However. you can also use Microsoft Visio on your computer if you wish his is an initial model, keep the

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