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Question: problem the viscosity of a fluid is to he measured...

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Problem: The viscosity of a fluid is to he measured by a viscometer constructed of two 40-cm-long concentric cylinders. The diameter of the inner cylinder is 15 cm, and the gap between the two cylinders is 0.12 cm. The inner cylinder is rotated at 300 rpm, and the torque is measured to be 1.8 N. m Derive clearly an expression of the torque T (show all your steps to get full credits) (15 points) a) b) Determine the viscosity of the fluid in Pa.sec c) Calculate the approximate power lost in friction 5 points) (5 points) 300 rpm 0.12 cm Stationary cylinder Hint: Use the below equation to derive the viscosity Assumption: linear velocity profile in fluid, viscous flow, negligible end effects Viscometry d? A rotating -Two concentric cylinders with a fluid in - Inner cylinder is rotating, outer one is Srationary cylinder viscometer the ymull gap e fixed Use definition of shear force dii . If E/R 1, then cylinders can be modeled n=300rpm Shaft as flat plates Torque T- FR, and tangential velocity Fleid Wetted surface area As2 Fluid d) Wednesday 4 October 2017
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