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Problem1 - Cascaded Counters Write a program that uses two cascaded counters (the first counter has a preset of 4), two pushbuttons and one light. Pressing PB4 should cause the first counter to count up. B Each time ches its preset value, it should cause the second counter to increment once. When the second counter reaches its preset value (after 12 pushes of the pushbutton), light IL4 should turn on. PB3 should be used to reset the system (and turn off the light). Demonstrate the working program to the instructor. Hint: you may need to use a one shot instruction - [ONS]. The one-shot instruction is located generate a short pulse which can be used to trigger the counter. and it can be put in series with an on How many times would PB4 have to be pressed in order to ativate IL4, if the presets of the counters ser increased to their maximum values?

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