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  3. problems 2 and 3 please steps included would be helpful...

Question: problems 2 and 3 please steps included would be helpful...

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pointa l y Notea Aak Your flower put k ocked та wn dow ledge rom d he grita 22 O m above the sidewalk as shown in e figure be ow lt falls ward an unsuspecting m an o height h 1,72 m who is s ar n below Assume the man requires a rme interval Δ 0 300 s o espond to e nar ning How dose to the sideaalk can the we pot fall before it is too late for a wating shouted from the balconiy to reach the man in time? Try anproachinO th problem in terms or the tina at which the shout must occur and then use this tā determina the distance. m Need Help? We r e speed o sound n air n my, depends on the temperature according to the appro mste expression be ow where TC s tno Cosu: temperature n drv air the temperature decreases about 1吣for every 150 m nse ın altitude. 3315 0607 : a) Assuming this mane is constant up tn an altitude at QN00 m. h0W Ionq wll! It take the Siind tram an airplana at AA。ה m to reach the qround an a day, ihen tha qraund temperatura ls 32°C, (b) Compere this to the time interval required if the air were constant at 32.Which time interval is lunger? 습 air at constant temperatur Need Help?t

problems #2 and #3 please! steps included would be helpful

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