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Product - QUESTIONS 

Scenario: When he was nearly 60, Pat Brown left a dream job to pursue an ambitious mission: to create delicious meat from plants. As a biochemist, he'd become alarmed at the destructive impact of meat production on the environment, so he set out to make a burger so juicy and flavorful that even meat-lovers would crave it. After some painstaking research, Pat's team created the Impossible Burger. 

Podcast: https://www.npr.org/2020/04/22/841269281/impossible-foods-pat-brown

But now Pat needs your help to:

Q1: Define what is meant by the term product and provide examples 


Q2: Identify & illustrate the three levels of product


Q3: Define the three levels of product and apply to the impossible burger  


Q4: Marketing mix decisions. For impossible Meat, should their products be Convenience, Shopping, Specialty or Unsought? Please select 1 option and explain why you believe this is the best way forward. 

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