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Program a quick scanner that removes all comments and any white spaces from a source file written using a self-created language .Myl file. Myl is a programming language very similar to C++ language and all source files written in this language have the extension .MYL. Comments of this language are the same as C+ comments. Meaning, it has two ways to write comments. The first way is a single line comment by using // and the other wav is the multi-lines comment terminate the multi-lines comment. Your quick scanner must be able to determine any unterminated multi-lines comment and quit the program if there are any errors with the MYL file, such as a broken multi-line comment e.g. /* .. The quick scanner should also be able to remove any unnecessary whitespace, such as a -bc to a-b+c. by using /* to start the comment and then to use */ to Write a C++ program that takes as an input a .MYL source file and creates a temporary backup file .BAK with the same name as the input file. The output file has the same source code cleared from all white spaces and all comments. All code should be given comment on, such as what the purpose of the code is or what the function does

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